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The fine line between the world of dreams and reality fades away as we bring dreams to life in this uniquely, unparalleled theatrical extravaganza. Join our dreamer as his inner desires and aspirations are brought through to the surface by a lovely angel representing his goodness. Temptations beckon, in the form of an enchanting siren, luring him away amid the pulsating sounds of the high energy rock band. Opening in Las Vegas, this stunning array of live music, dancing, singing, and breath-taking specialty acts is unlike any witnessed before. State of the art lighting, sound, special effects, and ingenious pyrotechnics set the tone for this multi-sensory explosive production. The Dreamagination cast, including Broadway singers, musicians, and dancers, magically transports audiences into a kaleidoscope of grandiose theatrical entertainment. Non-stop, heart-pounding performances by multiple aerial acts keep audiences on the edge of their seats. This awe-inspiring assemblance of talent accompanied by custom designed lavish costumes and sets, create the magical experience of Cirque,  leaving audiences in awe of the spectacle that is Dreamagination.


Synergy in motion, a true spectacle for the senses! Imagine combining the awe- inspiring visual spectacle of the world’s greatest Cirque show with high-energy dance and amazing vocals. Synergy accomplishes this and more as theatrical entertainment is stretched beyond the limits of the mind and taken to new heights. Amazing world-class acrobats and aerialists take the stage to perform daring feats amid the special effects that separate Synergy from the ordinary Cirque show. Dazzling colors and fabrics unite to provide a dazzling visual ambrosia in Synergy’ s custom designed costumes. Spell-binding performances are set among a backdrop of laser lights creating a show unlike any seen before.

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Tropical Nights

Contact us about a variety of many award-winning shows as well as custom shows that we can create to bring Entertainment to new Heights. Our team is ready and eager to create a spectacular show for you. This is just a few examples of some of the shows that we've created please contact us for more details.

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