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Chad Everett, CEO

Chad Everett is a nationally recognized award-winning designer and producer.  From premier Las Vegas casinos to the nation's leading theme parks,  Mr. Everrett has created hundreds of spectacular productions for some of the country's most prominent venues and fortune 500 companies: The MGM-Grand, The Hard Rock Casino and Busch Gardens to name only a select few. 


Throughout his career, Chad has maintained a passion for innovation that has set him apart from competitors.   He remains at the forefront of the latest in event production technology and continues to be a trendsetter in the entertainment and event industry. From his widely replicated aerial drummers and L.E.D. robots to even his coined phrase, “The Wow Factor”, Chad’s influence the industry is evident.  Always re-imagining, Chad is currently working with the lasted in holographic projection and mapping for both production design and stage performance. 


With over two decades in the entertainment business Chad is founder and Creative Director for both, Galaxy Productions and his Venue V-Boca, where he continues to create original performances for all ages.  Producing innovative spectacles; not only through collaborating with his select team of Choreographers, Directors and Scenic Artists,  but also through his personal expertise in event and stage design.  Using his skills in video projection mapping and production design, he is able to transform the venue into a customized immersive environment, truly taking the Entertaiment experience to the next level.  


A pioneer in the events industry, Chad has won numerous awards including three big E awards for “Theatrical Show Entertainment”, “Parade Production” and “Street Performance” as well as several design awards for Event Solutions along with the prestigious “Event Producer of the Year”.


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