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Designing and Producing

Galaxy Productions has been fortunate to produce some of the most amazing events that have made a huge impact and lasted over decades. Some of them are still going on today from us designing them over 20 years ago. These award-winning events have truly made an impact in the entertainment and event industry, paving the way for those to follow.
Our Portfolio
Our portfolio includes a wide range of events, from theme park productions such as Summer Nights at Busch Gardens to parades to festivals to corporate conventions to hair shows to trade shows to grand openings of some of the biggest casinos in the country like MGM Grand and many others. We have even been fortunate enough to produce grand openings for outdoor malls when they first came out, which have been compared to Disney-like grand openings. This has paved the way for our company to expand and not just do malls, but theme parks, casinos, corporate conventions, and many other projects.
Our Process
Our company has in house  designers to create 3D renderings to the completion of the design. From production to fabrication, we source our best options in manufacturing. We also utilize all of our resources to help in completing the project from the start to the glorious finish. We even have costume designers, technical designers, production managers, and choreographers.
Our Awards
We have been fortunate to win numerous awards in all different fields, from Event Producer of the Year to Best Theme Park Show and many other design awards from Stage and Design. This wouldn't be possible without the incredible team of experts that we have at our fingertips to help bring every vision to reality.
Our Passion
We love working along with our clients and collaborating to bring their vision to reality. You dream it and we bring it to life. No event is too small or too big for us to help be a part of. The great part is that our innovation with technology and manufacturing connections means we can bring any immersive experience to reality.
Contact Us
Feel free to contact us to let us help you on your next project. The possibilities are endless and we strive on maximizing our clients' budgets and bringing the best vision to life.
We look forward to hearing from you!


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