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Immersive Entertainment and Design


Combine entertainment art and technology and of course theater. We are proud to bring you the newest and entertainment immersive art. We are creating a theatrical experience where are you become part of the show. Utilizing dancers actors singers poet artist special effects and much more. We will bring a painting to life right in front of your eyes. This is truly what the world needs now more than ever. Choreographers and casting the most incredible talent to bring immersive art experiences to life. If you wanna learn more please contact us. Looking forward to performing near you soon. Collaborated with Cirque X


Theaters and Casinos

From award-winning turnkey shows to specialty entertainment. We were able to work along with any project to help enhance your guest experiences at your theater and ca casino. Our team is eager to help you please contact us. We've had the privilege of working with the biggest casinos in the country. As well as winning numerous awards.


From shows two parades to specialty entertainment. Let our team of talented performers Entertainer guest. From custom to turn key we would love to help you on your next project.

We won 3 Bid E awards

For theatrical show parades and Street performance


Looking to add the well factor to your event are amazing talented Entertainment is ready to bring the well factor to you. From our unique Ariel Drummer's two more LED performers and everything in between.We can definitely help you with great entertainment for your next event.

Bucket Bash Gala 2024 American Cancer Society

We love to help bringing this event to Reality. Which also is a great cars to help raise over $1 million for American Cancer Society

Theatrical Parades

We have many options and parades here is one of our americana parade which is small but yet powerful. Please ask us about how we can enhance and create a parade for you.

Aerail Drummer

High above the crowds, the pulsing beat generated by the drums of these musicians is electrifying. Suspended from a massive truss structure complete with state of the art lighting, they provide the ultimate focal point to every venue. show entrance way or just a wow


007 Holiday Party

The Palace End of the Year Party 2017 007

Fire and Ice

What is the actual experience is what created the while factor. Utilizing Ariel Drummer's entertainers in cased in ice fire performers and much more. This theatrical experience and truly put captivate you.

Theme Park Street Performances

Formants theatrical with her incredible talented staff from our Ariel Drummer's  Hulu performer dancers and clowns. We creation pacifically for your needs.

The Greatest Show Corporate Holiday Party

The Palace End of the Year Party 2018


Havana H Holiday Party

The Palace End of the Year Party 2019 007

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